Gratitude For All The Birthday Love


Thanks so much for the messages, love, songs, phone calls,
emails and texts everyone.
How lucky am I?
#BestBirthday in years...

I want You to know that the messages were not lost on me.
I read every single one.
If your name is in the list, I saw your post.
Never in my life have I felt so much ❤ from so many...

Thanks so much for taking the time to send birthday wishes.
So grateful to:

Amy Rybacki
Raymond Burton
Judy Lee
Jeff Kormany
Sue Leonard
Adele D'Arcy
Aftab A Qureshi
Mary Kovacs
George V Kairys
LoraLee McGuirl
Mark Capoferri
Patricia Currie
Mike Mattina
Mia Imelda
Daniel John David Sanderson
Ian Hskett
Roy Woolvett
Lucas Asu
Sam Merulla
Donalid MacDonald
Doc Higgins
Nikki B
Chris Cracknell
Clare Burke
Ruth M. Babin
Mario Pietrangeli
Ivana Nosic
J.P. Morrison
Paige Petrovsky
MaryClare Rutledge
Michael Rogers
Linda Frankovich
Jeff Feswick
Nancy Benoy
E. Robert Ross
Jeremy Ostrowski
Debbie Telfer Stewart
Doug Wallace
Devlin Bishop
Amanda Ferguson Wedekind
Murray Swain

Artcrawl April 2018

Super grateful that Mother Nature held off pelting us with the ice storm til after #Artcrawl, LOL.

Thx to Darren Kregar and Dave Shaw of James North General Store fame for the umbrella and pic!
It was great to see Kerry Wade and Patricia Lynn Bebee (and meet her Mom) over at Blackbird Studios. Wonderful to see Angela DeMontigny of DeMontigny Boutique & Gallery and catch up to both Ace Piva and Nicole McCormick. Popped into Shaolin Underground, Hamilton and it was good to see Barbara Hanson Swift, and Ned, and Jamie Oakes and Paul Intson there. JamesNorth was not so busy, so there were many chances to stop and chat. Great to see Stephen Hossbach and Dave, Steven Twigg, Andrew McPhail, Joe, Nina Clements while at Hamilton Artists Inc.. Awesome visit with John Cinequemani at Art at 231 and good to see Wayne Gooderham and John Bak. Kudos to trooper Lacie Victoria and Drew Taylor for setting up their art on James. Wonderful to see Jennifer Lockman and Brian, Krish, Kevon, Dan Weiss …
I've Loved You From Afar

Once upon a time is not what it used to be. Storytelling and sharing stories in the digital age engages the reader/user/viewer in a multi-sensory experience using multimedia movies that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music and text using computer based tools to tell the story.

FRACTALIZE is a work of hypermedia fiction. A collaborative multimedia arts project created by artist and cinematographer Lesley Loksi Chan, composer and digital media artist Tony Vieira and musician Arthur Yeung.

The first installment in the FRACTALIZE series is an ongoing collaboration and fractal/forensic media arts project entitled, I've Loved You From Afar.

I've Loved You From Afar is a carefully crafted media piece which follows the story of Elizabeth and Richard. Their affair explores themes of ecstasy of distance and isolation while touching on desire. It features multiple pieces that represent more than one truth in an environment wit…

Artcrawl June 2016

Artcrawl June 2016

#Artcrawl is by far one of my most favourite local events.
#June10 I had the pleasure of teaming up with Vern White.
(I will post the list, then get to the pics.) Thx Vern and thanks to everyone who stopped for a pic or a hug or a chance to catch up.
Great to see Justin Alexander Graves, Mary Simon, Justine Fischer, Matty Simpson, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Le Sage, Leah Fuller, Rochelle Bernardi, Casey Altorf, Aurelia Rao, K.j. Hirter, Dave Shaw, Darren Kregar, Mary McNutt, Paul Kennedy, Larry Smith, Ron, Aurora Tidgwell and Lennox, Karen Sturrock, Andrew Mcphail, Stephen Altena, Michael Canton, Julliana LaChance, Jeremiah, Jay Carter, Gabriel Pinto, Aidan Johnson, Rob Maddison and Helen, Dan Murray, Maryann Sally Gratton - Laitila and Sally, Aili Than, Charles Barton, Alicia Thoms, Suzanne Zandbergen, Ruth Webster, the folks at Makers' Market Hamilton, Theresa and Rachel, Nick, Dan Jelly, Matt Jelly, Robert Z, Mary, Stephan Hossbach. Allyson Wenzowski, Harry R…
Who knew Jack & Lois served hot apple cider?
Thanks Ariel for the recommendation tonight.
Thanks also to Pamela Gardner who got me over to Artword Artbar 15 Colbourne St. Hamilton today to catch Charly Chiarelli, Paula Grove, Jon'Gordon Odegaard, Jeremy Shand and a great cast in Scroogissimo.
Great to see Learie Mc Nicolls, Evelyn Myrie, Judith, Dan Zen, Maggie and Bob, Tom Altobelli and bandmates at the play.
Nice also to run into Jim Fitzgerald, Nurck Bison, Alfie Smith, Kev and to see Liz as I went to meet my catering compatriot, Savo tonight.
Great to see Sean O'Grady and Mike too!

Awesome time last night at a gem of a place called Good Life Deli...
Caught Azalea @ Good Life Deli Featuring Otic Poets and it was magical.
Thanks so much Benjamin-Mia Hackett, Darin Martin, Jordan Fox, Neil Brown and Geoff Laforet for the gift of music. Rebecca Doll was her usual fab self as celebrity MC. Wonderful to see Matthew Green, Julie Johnson, Ivan Hooper, Amber Vigers and Evan Korn.

Ask about the ‪#‎loadedfries‬ next time You visit!

Great to run into Paul Ferrante, Christopher Cutler, Catherine, Sarene Connie Dzelajlija, Maria Turco-Maragno and Mahesh today.
Looking forward to what the weekend will bring...

You have probably heard that I think #HamOnt is a fabulous city.
I love this place. There are so many talented people here...

It's an amazing time to be an Artist/Musician and Creative in Hamilton.
There are resources, networking meet-ups, shows, live events, mentors, festivals and more, here at your disposal just waiting to be tapped. (Just need to find a way to be able to monetize this talent in ways that are win-win).

I can't remember a time when we've been able to access so many galleries and live events on any given night of the week. It's exciting to know that the Hamilton arts/music culture is here now!
What a great time to be a part of the scene...

For instance, I attended 12 events/places this weekend (as I have been known to do from time to time). It's important to me to show support by cross promoting, or attending.

Here's where I ended up being (and seeing)...

R-Place: The fundraiser in support of Joyce's kids. Woo hoo Rob Leonard!